10/10 would bang.

But also:

10/10 would care for you
10/10 would tuck you in
10/10 would cuddle
10/10 would make sure you get to sleep okay
10/10 would make you breakfast in the morning

The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.

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"You have so much potential!! i know you can do better!!"image

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I don’t want to admit it but I’m scared as fuck without you here.

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Louisiana State University introduces new LGBT minor


Y’ALL my friend pushingyoutoholdme and I are in this USA Today article about LSU’s new LGBTQ Studies Minor


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films with teens driving around the city at night and falling in love with each other to cool soundtracks would be great if they weren’t all so damn heterosexual where’s my fuckin mediocre lesbian indie movie with shitty rock music and and they fall in love and wear each other’s hoodies where the FUCK is my FUCKGjng

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’


  1. “Pull over. Let me drive for awhile.”
  2. “It reminded me of you.”
  3. “No, no, it’s my treat.”
  4. “Come here. Let me fix it.”
  5. “I’ll walk you home.”
  6. “Have a good day at work.”
  7. “I dreamt about you last night.”
  8. “Take my seat.”
  9. “I saved a piece for you.”
  10. “I’m sorry for your…

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